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The Pullman / Moscow Area



Our favorite coffee places

  • Cafe Moro - 100 E Main (corner of Main & Grand) - Has a fairly large meeting room, and outdoor seating when weather permits.  Great, traditional coffee house (and brews).
  • Daily Grind - Several drive through locations plus sit down location at 230 E Main - Has a meeting room you can reserve and lots of seating.  Back room has a fireplace and is less noisy.  This place is packed with students most weekends.  
  • Starbuck's - Stadium Way across from Taco Bell.  Limited Parking, but quick drive through.  Plan on 10 minutes if you are making this stop on the way through to campus.
  • Thomas Hammer- Other Coffee Shop
  • Just google it...there are more coffee shops than restaurants in this town.  
  • On campus:
    • Coffee Shop- fake-bux - 2nd floor of the CUE (main floor) - Close to Wilson; also has quick snacks, as well as salads and sandwiches
    • Todd - 1st floor of Todd - Close to Wilson; also has soup and paninis and the one of the shortest queues on campus for coffee 
    • Coffee Shop - Located on the bottom floor of the CUB; provides great coffee, some snacks/treats, and short lines
  • Moscow
    • One World Cafe - 533 S Main Street (corner of Main & Sixth) - Has a large meeting space, breakfast items, sandwiches, soups and pastries...awesome decor (where the Moscow hipsters go to chill). 


Places to eat and drink (Pullman) 

  • Pub grub
    • Rico's - 200 E Main Street (downtown) $$ 
    • My Office - 215 S Grand (downtown) $$
    • Paradise Brewery- $$ 
    • Black Cyprus $$$$
    • The Foundry $$$ 
    • Southfork $$ 


  • Fast-food
    • McDonald's (two locations: 1620 S Grand Ave, near Rite-Aid, Ace Hardware, etc; 400 NE Stadium Way); $
    • Jack-in-the-Box - 310 NE Stadium Way; $
    • Arby's - 1686 S. Grand Ave (near Rite-Aid, Ace Hardware, etc); $
    • Cougar Country Drive-In - 760 N. Grand Ave. (drive-thru and dine-in) classic fast food; $$
    • Subway - 460 E Main St. (delivery, dine-in, take-out); $ 
    • Dairy Queen - 1485 S Grand Ave (dine-in and drive-thru); $
    • Taco Bell 


  • Pizza/Italian
    • Porch Light Pizza - Personal pizzas, amazing! Go here! $$
    • Sella's - 1115 E. Main St (at the junction of Stadium and Main) - dine-in and take-out, $$
    • Pizza Hut (Grand near Dissmores; dine-in, take-out, and delivery)
    • Papa Murphy's (on Grand near Post Office; take-out uncooked pizzas)
    • Pizza Pipeline (on Grand near Main; delivery and take-out)
    • Pizza Perfection (on Main St; delivery and take-out)
    • Little Caesars (on Stadium near Blockbuster, Starbuck's, and Barnes and Noble; take-out)
    • Dominos
    • Maialina in Moscow- fancy, handcrafted. Also they do brunch on weekends (great option when Bloom and Breakfast Club are packed). 


  • Brunch:
    • Pullman
      • Ricos 
      • Old European
      • Zoe's 
    • Moscow 
      • Bloom
      • Breakfast Club
      • Maialina
      • Slice and Biscuit 


Places that "meat" dietary needs

  • The Co-Op in Moscow....welcome to Eastern Washington...



    Places to drink

    Where graduate students go


    Where undergraduates go

    • Everywhere Else 




    Places to see/Things to Know

    Pullman parks (Pullman Parks & Rec)

    • Sunnyside Park: trails, disc golf course, playground, ball field, pond, personal garden areas, small amphitheater, tennis courts
    • Kreugal Park: playground, group picnic shelter, ball field, tennis courts
    • Lawson Gardens: formal gardens
    • Bill Chipman Palouse Trail: 10 foot wide paved trail that goes between Pullman and Moscow
    • Military Hill Park
    • Just go for a walk- lots of new little parks that aren't formally on maps yet!!  


    Moscow parks



    Thrift stores


    Farmer's Market






    Live Music

    • Ricos: Live jazz on the weekends (warning, very loud)
    • John's Alley - 114 E Sixth St (Moscow) **Beware, very smoky!** good local bands, some bigger bands come through too.
    • Etsi Bravo- Live DJs every night of the week (Eastern WA quality though...) 
    • Concerts in the Park (Pullman): various local bands during the summer.


    The Annual Lentil Festival! 

    Roller Derby! 


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